…rising forces

Gabriella speaks…

Sitting by the spring on this Imbolc morning I tuned in to the land and listened……..this is what came…


Snowdrops, sunshine, the sound of a bubbling spring, clear water, the first smell of spring.

Brighid is present. It is time. It is time for her return. It is time for the feminine to take on her rightful place as the fundamental underlying energy of creation. I can feel the gentle but inevitable power – like the blade of grass pushing through the tarmac.

In her soft but firm stride that comes upon us like a tidal wave I see seemingly safe known structures crumble. What has been buried below emerges in uncomfortable and surprising finds that need to be dealt with and be given their rightful places in the garment of green that once again begins to spread over the land like soothing revitalizing restoring balm; It is Brighid’s mantle of fertility that allows new seeds to emerge, germinate and grow.


Mill Cottage, Oxfordshire

for more inspired gifts of nature through and from Gabriella spend some time with her at http://peace-trails.com/


Sedona Dreaming…Bliss from Chris…

It’s Spring and all of our senses are waking…….in Arizona Chrissy’s in his element ….generosity, sensuality and inner bliss reflecting itself through the lens.

Daily walking through the desert rocks, breathing the clear blue skies and now sharing with us around this here fire circle….

She’s coming alive, like a symphony
A show of colour and vibratory bliss

Hurry now, Or you will miss her

Daily she comes forward, opening,

giving without restraint

Embrace her, for in the morning,

she may have given her all

Magic desert days these
Here in the red rocks of Sedona.


I am
by the same miracle
that brings the desert flowers
to shimmering colour filled light.

Our time
is short
and so we shall dance together
with inner smile
and outer delight.


A lover of beauty and a deep companion and friend of the crystal beings, Chris visits us in Salisbury each year. He brings a simply stunning selection of  Brazilian stones …crystals, gems and medicine keepers…have a look at the noticeboard for this years dates and contact details for Chris…..

The Hearth Fire…Frederica shares

So, Dear Heather, as I gather around your hearth with others of the sound tribe, I am preparing myself to make the turning on my four-year outer soul journey – I am returning to Maine, to where I lived before, and where my children now live. I feel sad. Mine is a wandering soul and wants to continue out here with other travelers. I resist re-entering the old structures. “The edge” has become my home with “place” ever-changing. I see that I have collected things along the way, things which help to describe me, and give me comfort. Many of these I will leave behind. Many friendships leave behind. Dying time, with yet another chapter closing…Meanwhile, I am just now reading a wondrous book, “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master”, by Sri M, about his life journey to his guru, and because I am sitting here with you around the Hearth, here is his teaching on Fire.


”In ancient times there were no matchboxes. To produce fire, one went through the elaborate ritual of rubbing dry sticks together with incantations to the fire god. When the spark appeared, it was indeed a miracle. Where was this fire before it manifested, asked the ancient thinkers. Surely, it was hidden in the wood always and needed the right conditions to manifest. So, fire became a symbol of the spirit, all pervading, yet manifesting only under certain conditions…For us who belong to the Nath tradition, fire is part of our Self. We light the Dhuni and sit for hours looking at the flames. The fire becomes our friend and protector. Our mind merge with the flames and we are one. Believe me, fire, like all of nature, has a mind of its own, and our minds are linked intimately with Agni, the lord of fire, so much so that the flames fulfill any wish we have.


Can I, who am presently in sad resistance, blend with the universal living spirit of fire? Wish for the fire to burn away the obscenities I inflict on myself, wish for the fire spirit to burn in my brain, my belly, my spine, my heart, my eyes, ears, my sounding voice? Wish to become one with my own fire, lord Agni Self, so that all places are one place, and I live by knowing that my passionate, fire-filled Self exists? Know that it is simply my task to create the right conditions for my “on fire” self to manifest?

“Surrender Frederica. You are protected, you are loved as a friend, as these friends around the hearth. You yourself a hearth…”


A piece from Q….

Heather had asked me to contribute something for The Hearth some time ago and it’s taken me about three weeks to get finger to keyboard.  I find it interesting to see how ‘time’ and  ‘getting things done’ play upon this watery being. I had wondered about giving a bit of background to the forge, the work we do here and where we want it to go, but given that time is putting the squeeze on, I think I’ll just jump in and report where things are for me at the mo.     A little story……

Some time ago, Ton asked me if I would be ‘up’ for making a large bowl for his group Del Silencio.  I replied that of course I would and that it would be an honour to do so. “Okay – dat would be great.”  he replied. The bowl was to be 40cm in diameter, and out of 4mm brass. He’d get back to me with the intention for the bowl. Fine. In the meantime I set about sourcing the metal, then getting it delivered  —  yikes ! what a weight ! — scribing, cutting and filing. Filing, filing, filing.  Four mill’ is slow work ! Ton is in Spain writing, so I wait.

Time passes and then comes the intention from Spain via Carolina.      Guan Yin      Oh, thinks I to myself, (screaming); nothing small then ! Can I even begin to contemplate the Bodhisattva of Compassion and ingest a crumb of its meaning. Jeepers-creepers – how am I going to go about this ? 

Time passes. ( I think I was still filing !) I found myself walking around the prospect of starting, … knowing , just knowing that I couldn’t begin the work until something deeper, more authentic, fell out of my head and into a better place of inner wisdom. I didn’t know what or when that would be, but I did know that I wasn’t ready.

Walking around the valley and over the fields where we live, I found myself one afternoon looking for a spot, a place where I could sit in the weak spring sunshine and sink into that alpha state of being not only’ in’ nature, but a part of it itself. A small ask, I thought, yet wherever I looked there was either no privacy or no sense of quietude. Wherever I walked there was farm machinery on the fields, or building noises  or traffic, totally filling the sound scape. Everywhere the hand of man, I thought to myself. No respite. All I wanted was a short period of calm so that maybe, just maybe, I might be receptive enough for something to drop-in. Hey-ho, not today, walk on.

Further on in my walk I am on my way home, walking westwards. On my left a field of stubble and a view over to Old Sarum, and on my right a small piece of woodland. Cutting across the field and wood, a small power line. As I walk beside the wood and under the line, I hear the ‘thrum’ of a plucked string and then a tiny ‘thup’ as a small thrush falls at my feet. I go to the grass where it has fallen. Beak open, panting hurriedly, it eyes me with shock and terror. Its wing is probably broken. My heart is full. I carefully pick it up in my gloved hands and arrange its wing. Still it eyes me, panting. “Blessings on you, and on all of your kind.” I find myself saying this out loud, again and again, as if to sooth it, but perhaps I’m just soothing myself.

What to do? What to do? I think this for only a moment, for in truth there is nothing ‘to do’. Nothing to be done. There is no vet, no shoebox in the kitchen that help here. The ground is iron-hard frozen and I’m reluctant to put the thrush back on the cold earth. Having its life-warmth sucked out of it in such an emphatic way seemed harsh. A few yards away is a large stack of straw bales. I place the bird on a straw  ledge, facing west and in the relative warmth of the setting sun. I walk home imbued with the mystery of the afternoon.

So, Guan Yin, Perceiver of Sound, (perceiver of the cries of samsara), Bodhisattva of Compassion, in my inability to perceiveyou, you drop a song thrush at my feet. 

The process continues, interrupted  by this, that and the other. Each incident is part of the mystery. This is a much longer journey than I had imagined, but ‘the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting’

Musings on Life Music

Welcome to my first ever blog!
The month of January has been deep and rich and fast and slow all at the same time. What on earth do I mean? Well quite simply  I have experienced in this past month that I have lived lifetimes and in no time….
I remember hearing once, from Rod Paton, the man who inspired Life Music into creation, said that a Life Music session is essentially about Time……. a very interesting mystery…I love it even though it’s quite disconcerting.
There is a holding form called Time Holes, where we have the rare opportunity to be present to the silence, honour it and begin to make a relationship with  it. Having experienced this on several occasions it can be very powerful… not always comfortable….. present in the space…an expectancy…
Being with the empty fullness of silence and then knowing when to re-enter the space through the making of a sound……the exquisite dance of knowing we are alive and that we have form and we can make an impact. What a thing it is to meet ourselves in this way through a group improvisation! 
We have to remember to keep breathing at times like this!
I’ve been a little out of touch this month and I’ll share with you now that I’ve been quietly unable to return to the rhythms of our monthly sessions during January…a feeling that I couldn’t return simply because the calendar said so but that my motivation would be out of a deeper sense of  perfect timing…a sense of listening to the space and waiting to be inwardly sure as to how and when we could return. …..
I had a dream recently which has really helped me to understand that …a greater clarity about my own path with this beautiful work. I look forward to sharing that with you somehow over the next months as we come together again.
What I can say for certain is that whenever I ‘tune into’ our sessions and reflect upon what I/We experience, I am always moved by the space that we create when we come together. Sound is  the conduit and creator of all that happens. Through our shared sound space we are in truth, meeting something that sits in the very centre of all human longings… the most significant quality …one that really seems to be crucial as we grow, shift and evolve…to Trust. As we enter into our shared space we are building up Trust.
One of our regular musicians in Salisbury said last week,  “the life music is really special to me. It gives me something I don’t find anywhere else. It feels like a real heart connection with others and I love it!!!”
Thank You All for allowing that to occur. I feel very honoured and grateful to be a part of that building. Trust and Safety – much needed and welcome helpers.
A little bit of sharing now..I hope you have a chance to take a look at this wondrous link……. there are indeed no mistakes – on the bandstand, in the circle of trust in a life music session and possibly out there in the passage of life itself…?